Know a good baccarat system?

Betting systems are funny things.  I often wonder why so called gambling experts spend so much time and effort trying to make money by selling their systems, rather than simply using their 'guaranteed to work' systems to win buckets and buckets of money.  Well the answer to this is simple of course...their systems are flawed.  If they weren't, do you think they'd actually be wasting time selling the system.  I wouldn't...I'd buy a house in Las Vegas, keep the system to myself and make a whole lot of money.

Of course the other strong evidence supporting the fact that sure-fired systems do not exist, is the fact that casinos are still making a bunch of money across all their games, including baccarat.  

So don't be duped into buying any systems for any games, especially baccarat, where sound betting strategy is very straight forward.

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