Like to know Baccarat strategy?  Simple, don't bet on a tie.

Baccarat is a really simple game, in which there are three possible outcomes of a deal.  And not surprisingly, sound Baccarat playing strategy is also pretty straight forward, which begs the question, why do so many players sit at the table taking notes?

It is common for players to record the outcomes of prior baccarat deals on a scorecard.  Players look for patterns in the game and bet based on emerging patterns and their chosen bet strategy.  Casinos do not discourage the use of these scorecards for good reason.  This strategy does not assist at all in helping the player improve their chances of winning.  The outcome of prior hands in baccarat will not help at all in determining the outcome of future hands.  While card counting will definitely improve returns in Blackjack, it will do nothing for you in Baccarat, so put your scorecard and pencil away and play the game on its merits.

Sound Baccarat strategy is all about choosing the low house edge bets, and this is easy.  Mathematical house edges in Baccarat, by bet type, are as follows:


8 deck shoe:

6 deck shoe:

Single deck:

house edge on 'player' bet: 1.06%

house edge on 'player' bet: 1.06%

house edge on 'player' bet: 1.01%

house edge on 'banker' bet:1.24%

house edge on 'banker' bet:1.24%

house edge on 'banker' bet:1.29%

house edge on tie bet: 14.36%

house edge on tie bet: 14.44%

house edge on tie bet: 15.57%

*Assuming tie bet pays 8 to 1


Now based on the information in the above table, it does not take Einstein to work out that to maximise your returns you should bet on the banker every hand.  This doesn't exactly make for an exciting game, but that's Baccarat for you.  If you do want to mix things up a bit, it wouldn't hurt to place the odd player bet.  Just steer well clear of the tie or standoff bet.

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