Baccarat trivia...things you probably never knew (or needed to know) about the game of Baccarat


  1. Baccarat was invented in Italy by gambler Felix Falguiere in the middle-ages.

  2. The house edge on baccarat's 'banker' bet for a 6 or 8 deck shoe is 1.06%, making it a great value bet.

  3. Upward of 70% of visiting high rollers to the Vegas gaming tables are Asian, mostly industrialists or bankers.

  4. High rollers' game of choice in Vegas is baccarat, where limits can hit $100,000 a hand.

  5. On the first night Baccarat was played in Las Vegas,  the Sands lost $250,000 on their Baccarat tables.

  6. The term baccarat is supposed to mean “nothing” and is applied to hands whose point total ends with a cipher.

  7. As Gina, Hope from the soap opera "Days of Our Lives", was an expert at playing Baccarat.

  8. Between October and November 1997, Melbourne's Crown Casino lost $55 million to high-roller baccarat players

  9. Multi-player baccarat was the best returning game for 2002 at The Sands online casino (98.5%).

  10. Chemin de fer was first played in America at the racetrack at Saratoga and the ritzy Palm Beach resort in 1911.


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